BELIEVE in Yourself Because If You don't, Who Will?








To improve your health and fitness, you have to beleive in yourself and be confident you can make a change.  If you doubt yourself, nobody will believe in you and you will stay where you are.

Below you will find 7 rules for improve health and fitness:


  • Remove the word "SHOULD" from your vocabulary

Stop thinking you 'should' do something and actually do it or at least take some relevant steps towards doing it.

Simply thinking about getting healthy and fit isn't going to make it happen.

So, if you're thinking about shedding some nasty body fat, eating better foods or simply leading an all-round healthier lifestyle then just do it instead of thinking you 'should'

  • Face your fears head on

It's very common for people to be thinking they 'should' do something instead of just getting it done because they're scared of doing it.  we all have our fears on very different levels.  One of those fears is change, and exploring the unknown.

Being scared of making lifestyle changes is a natural thing, it can be a daunting experience for many peple to do things differently - but once you do it, you'll look back on your current situation and smile with pride and increased self-respect that you have achieved something massive, and maybe even something you never thought possible.

  • Think about yourself and meet your own needs

Are you too busy helping and advising everyone else around you so that you're actually neglecting yourself and your own needs?

Or, maybe you're helping others to avoid taking on challenges of your own and stepping outside your comfort zone.

Helping people is a great thing to do and offers many benefits, but it is critical you put yourself first and meet your own needs or you will suffer and remain stationary for the foreseeable future.

Give yourself some of your precious time, evaluate your own needs and shoe yourself some attention for a change.

  • Open your mind to change

You've got to be prepared to change - no doubt about it.

Things need to stop and new habits need to be formed.  If you're not prepared to do this you will not improve, you will simply remain the same.

You don't need to change all at once, lots of small changes over time will amount to one huge change - take it one step at a time.

  • Set yourself attainable goals


There's no point setting goals that are totally unachieveable and de-motivating.  They need to be realistic and achieveable.

Give yourself and chance.

  • Progress at your own pace

You may have a workout partener who can run faster, lift heavier and tire less quickly than you, but that's cool.  There's no need to try and keep up or compete with them - doing so, will only slow you down and prevent your progress as it distracts you from what you need to do.

Forget what everyone else around you is doing and go at your own pace.

You can use them to motivate you and even help push yourself a little, but trying to run faster than you can or lift way more than you are able is only going to slow your development or injure you.

  • Appreciate where you are today

Sometimes we can hit periods of de-motivation and downheartedness when we feel like we've been trying so hard and the results are not quite as good as we would like them to be.

It's just about being patient and consistent and carrying on through these times.

This is when people see real results, when they achieve this and smash doen the barriers.

If you feel like this, or ever do, just think about where you are today as opposed to where you were when you started.

Maybe it's 12 months on from the start, maybe it's 6 months, perhaps it's just 1 month or even jsut a fortnight or a single week - the oint is you are so much better off than when you started.

Appreciate the progress you have made so far no matter how big or small it is.

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