BELIEVE in Yourself Because If You don't, Who Will?








To improve your health and fitness, you have to beleive in yourself and be confident you can make a change.  If you doubt yourself, nobody will believe in you and you will stay where you are.

Below you will find 7 rules for improve health and fitness:


  • Remove the word "SHOULD" from your vocabulary

Stop thinking you 'should' do something and actually do it or at least take some relevant steps towards doing it.

Simply thinking about getting healthy and fit isn't going to make it happen.

So, if you're thinking about shedding some nasty body fat, eating better foods or simply leading an all-round healthier lifestyle then just do it instead of thinking you 'should'

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The Journey of Healthy Eating

A couple of years ago, I started my journey to healthy eating.  It wasn't easy and it didn't all happen at once.  It started slowly with just one simple habit: eating a protein-rich breakfast everyday.  That was just the beginning.  Once I started to notice postive changes, I craved more and took further steps on my journey to better health.

We are all on this journey together and healthy eating looks different for everyone.  What constitutes "healthy" for one person may not be "healthy" for another.  I am not here to judge you on what that looks like for you, and it is up to you to define your own "healthy".

Do you have to be a strict vegan?  Certainly not (unless that's the journey you choose, and I support you).  OK, I still eat chococlate, cake, pizza and crisps - I just don't go crazy!  I listen to my body and know it's limits.  It's perfectly OK to eat a protein-rich breakfast each day and enjoy a scoop of ice cream after dinner!

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Could A Lack of Sleep Be Affecting Your Weight Loss Results?

Personal Trainer NorthamptonEveryone knows that to lose you weight they need to be more active.  But did you know that a lack of sleep can hinder your weight loss results?  There is now more evidence than ever that there is a connection between lack of sleep and weight gain.

Many of us know we should get more sleep, but we do not see it as having enough of an impact on our health and well being to actually make any changes to our sleep habits.  Here are some facts which may make you think again...

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HiiT Training

HiiT Training consists of performing high intensity intervals for a short period of time. Why is it effective? To answer this question we need to backtrack a little and look 

at the more traditional type of training and the one that most people out there still do: Low Intensity Cardio Training.

Traditional Low Intensity, Long Duration Cardio:


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Mind Over Marathon - How Your Attitude Affects Your Outcome

Your mind can defeat you - if you let it

Your mental attitude will make a huge difference in any race, but in particular when running a marathon.  If you let it, your mind can invent all sorts of reasons why you may not make it to the finish line but you can overcome those negative thoughts with a few simple steps.

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