Duston Pre Natal Training

These days, we all know that exercise is beneficial in pregnancy (unless we’re advised against it by our doctor for a special reason). But your body changes profoundly when you are pregnant, and while some exercise is safe and will help you prepare for the birth, other types may cause strain. You need a fitness program that’s safe and effective for you - and your bump! Luckily, you can find it at Starlight Fitness.

Fitness Plans Designed for You and Your Baby

Based in Duston near Northampton, Starlight Fitness is owned and run by Helen Ryan, who has undertaken specialist training to deliver safe, effective pre-natal and post-natal exercise programmes and great nutritional advice too. Helen treats every client as an individual and will design a program specifically to suit them. Her expertise means that Starlight Fitness attracts clients from Harlestone to Wootton, and her support doesn’t stop when your baby is delivered – you and your baby will be welcome at her Buggy Fitness Fun sessions held in Abington Park. These sessions allow new mums to get a fun all over body workout outdoors, with no childcare costs, while socialising and sharing experiences too. So visit the Starlight Fitness website today for more details.

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