Wootton Personal Training Services

Are you looking to improve your personal fitness or lose weight? Then rather than slogging it out on your own at the gym where you'll quickly lose motivation, hire a personal trainer to help you to become fitter and healthier. Whatever your personal targets, a personal trainer can provide you with the advice, support and encouragement that you need to reach them. Many women in Northampton, Wootten, Harlestone, Abington and Duston enroll with Starlight Fitness in order to benefit from its 1:1 Personal Fitness Coaching. They receive lifestyle coaching, assistance with SMART Goals and a nutritional review and guidance.  

Tailored to your Unique Needs

When you hire Starlight Fitness to help you become fitter and healthier you will receive a free initial consultation. During this consultation, Helen – the found of Starlight Fitness, will chat with you in order to learn more about your lifestyle and your goals. She can then tailor your sessions to your individual requirements. Helen's general approach is to combine healthy/natural nutrition and bodyweight training, strength training and high intensity interval training, however, your programme will always be designed with your unique goals in mind. To learn more visit www.starlightfitness.co.uk.

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